What we do

Efficient and innovative complete solutions.

Optical, haptic and functional surfaces for your packaging.

In addition to steel cores and sleeves specially developed for gravure printing as well as high-quality printing and embossing moulds, we provide our customers with relevant advice and individual design-to-print management. Our tools are particularly used for flexible packaging within the tobacco and pharmaceutical industries. In addition, we regularly turn creative designs for fast-moving consumer goods into reality and assist well-known brands with international product launches.

Full Service

Individual consulting

Efficient and easy process optimization. We deliver bespoke technical advice and creative ideas for individual designs. We can therefore provide targeted, professional solutions for each customer.

Design, artwork & reproduction

Well packaged creativity. With experienced designers and reproduction specialists, we create distinctive packaging designs for our customers – always taking into account individual brand guidelines and relevant technical details.

Color Management

For us, consistent presentation is a given. Through rigorous color management, we ensure corporate colors are reproduced precisely – no matter which material or printing process is used.


Take a close look at your packaging. Our high-quality equipment allows us to cut and punch samples and create true-to-scale mock-ups as well as digital 3D animations.

Brand protection

We discourage product piracy and counterfeiting. With our 3D and micro-printing technologies, visible and invisible security elements can be integrated into printed packaging to ensure outstanding brand protection.

Printing plates & embossing dies

Our technology puts the finishing touch on your packaging. We produce printing plates and embossing dies in all dimensions, for all press types and formats. We can therefore meet the most demanding requirements in terms of substrate, colour conversion and surface haptic.

Target markets

Tobacco industry

Haptic elements, metallic effects or creative looks – well-known tobacco manufacturers rely on our company’s expertise. In addition to individual designs for cigarette packs, container papers and inserts, our portfolio also includes the provision of security elements, lamination or decorative finishes for packaging.


Efficient print management is our top priority. Our projects are undertaken in close cooperation with the printing company commissioned for the job. With a variety of automation solutions and extensive experience of various technologies and processes, we stand side-by-side as a competent partner. We can therefore ensure perfect reproduction and achieve ideal print results.


We believe in the power of brands. As a packaging manufacturer, we are significantly involved in product presentation in the retail business, helping to ensure optimum positioning at the point of sale. The features of a brand must always remain sharply defined in order to stand out from the competition – including visually. Collaborating closely with international brand owners, we ensure perfect and coordinated deployment. Brands can benefit from trouble-free progression of the project and minimal transfer stages.

Private label

Developing packaging for private labels is complex and involves various participants. The process requires high speed and efficiency. With constant transparency during processes and clearly defined responsibilities, our private label specialists ensure continuous brand performance and timely market entry.

Special service


As you can see, you can’t see anything.
SAUERESSIG develops individual packaging with an integrated DIGIMARC® code.
Using a special printing process, information is applied to the surface that is barely visible to the naked eye. If you scan the packaging with a related DIGIMARC® app, the code will be read and you will be redirected to a specially designed website. This is how our customers place invisible information that is specifically tailored to their products and end consumers: From nutritional information or recipe ideas to competitions and promotions – the options are unlimited.
SAUERESSIG offers expert advice and tailor-made solutions for exclusive DIGIMARC® packaging designs.


By combining inspirational design services and state-of-the-art technology, c.INKTEC is revolutionising development at SAUERESSIG.


Who we are

With more than 65 years’ experience, we are much more than just a tool supplier. We rely on close, constructive collaboration and support our customers in the development, activation and introduction of new products and brands.


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