Holy Grail 2.0

Holy Grail 2.0

Transparent labelling technology for a efficient and sustainable recyclability cycle.

Together with more than 85 companies and steakholders, we are a proud member of Holy Grail 2.0.

Holy Grail 2.0 is a pioneering project that addresses the challenges of plastic sorting and recycling in the packaging industry. The aim is to develop a transparent and efficient labelling technology that enables the correct plastic packaging to be allocated to the appropriate recycling streams. This is an important step towards improving recycling rates and creating a closed cycle for plastic packaging.

As a leading provider of packaging solutions and pre-press services to the industry, SAUERESSIG is always looking to support innovative technologies that promote sustainable change. Holy Grail 2.0 offers a promising solution to improve the sustainability of plastic packaging and protect our planet.

The advantages of Holy Grail 2.0

Improved traceability

Companies can achieve significantly improved traceability of their products by using barcodes, RFID tags or other identification methods. This aspect is gaining importance, especially in the packaging industry, as it makes it possible to precisely trace the origin of materials as well as the entire product life cycle.

Optimisation of the supply chain

Digital tagging of packaging makes supply chain management more efficient. Companies can better monitor the progress of their products along the entire supply chain, making it easier to identify bottlenecks, delays or losses. This enables improved planning and smoother processes.

Sustainability and environmental protection

Holy Grail 2.0 improves the recyclability of packaging. Digital labelling allows packaging materials to be better sorted and recycled as they can be accurately identified. This helps to reduce waste and promote a more sustainable packaging economy.

Consumer transparency and trust

Digital labelling of packaging provides consumers with additional information about a product, such as its origin, production method or shelf life. This increased transparency makes it possible to make more informed decisions and creates greater trust in the products. The availability of relevant information increases consumer awareness and promotes more sustainable consumption.

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Pioneering digital watermarking for smart packaging recycling in the EU.

Holy Grail 2.0