Digimarc Saueressig Packaging
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Digimarc® Watermarks

Give your packaging a digital identity.

Give your packaging a digital identity.

As a solution partner of Digimarc®, SAUERESSIG develops tailor-made packaging with an integrated digital code, that is imperceptible to the human eye. The Digimarc code is a seamless element of the packaging artwork itself, unobtrusively making the entire package a digital channel.

This innovative solution offers unimagined opportunities for retail and logistics in the future and revolutionize corporate processes and marketing measures.

Consumer Experience

The Digimarc code offers engaging shopping experience for the consumer by scanning the product with a mobile device.
Brands can provide convenient access to product information like nutrition data or sustainability facts. They can deliver digital content like recipes, videos and coupons or they can offer customer service or exclusive offers.


POS scanning

Digimarc enables faster POS scanning and easier self-checkout, because of repetition and massive error correction. Digimarc delivers data that is redundantly applied across the entire product package or label – unlike DataMatrix and QR codes. With a 99 % first-read rate the scanning is extremly reliable.

digital packaging

Supply chain

Automatization of the supply chain is increasingly essential. A Digimarc code on packaging or inventory offers the advantage of a fast and easy scanning and a massive redundancy and efficiency in auto-identification due to repetition of codes, what drives down manufacturing costs.
Digimarc supports business needs like product traceability by applying serialized or custom identifiers and additional data to product packaging with variable data printing.

digimarc code

Surfaces solutions

Using a special printing process, Digimarc can be applied to several product surfaces. That offers a wide range of possibilites for the home and decor sector. By scanning the surface of a decor several product information like color variations, technical specifications or interior inspiration can be made available to consumers.

digimarc surfaces

Your benefits

- Multiple application possibilities with the same code along the complete life cycle of a packaging
- Use in the field of brand protection, as it is forgery-proof
- Nearly invisible code
- Readable with all common image-based scan systems (smartphone, POS scanner, handheld scanner, etc.)
- No additional colors or special inks
- Easy for existing print suppliers to implement in all printing processes
- No additional design elements necessary

Holy Grail 2.0

SAUERESSIG is a member of the Holy Grail 2.0 initiative! The use of digital watermarks on packaging makes a significant contribution to better sorting and high-quality recycling.