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Ready for future challenges.

At Matthews Engineering we offer world-leading technologies for the energy and converting industry.

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Verpackungsdruck Drucklösung Packaging

From the idea to the finished packaging.

Packaging printing: Printing tools from SAUERESSIG

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Laborkalander // Laboratory calender
©Matthews International GmbH

Matthews Engineering

Laboratory calender GK 300 L: Our laboratory device for comprehensive testing options.

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When a cylinder rotates, it gives shape and color to the material beneath, it turns an idea into a product. This applies to film with a brand logo as well as to the embossed kitchen roll, the glossy lettering on a package as well as the textured wooden floor surface or the leather in your car interior.

It’s the everyday products that often require sophistication, inventive spirit and technical know-how – and where these products are created, the tools of SAUERESSIG are in use.

Our business units

Within SAUERESSIG Group the Matthews International Corporation is bringing together the business units engineering, surfaces, rollers, packaging and elastomers under a common umbrella brand.

Matthews International

Thanks to our global presence, we always guarantee the highest level of development, implementation and support for international projects. We rely on our group’s international strength.