Pack Development

Pack Development

Flawless data for gravure printing.

We turn templates into high-end print data.

With the help of our Pack Development team, the customers artwork is turned into technically flawless print data for gravure printing. We process repro data in such a way that it meets the necessary requirements and specifications relating to multiples printing processes and customer briefing content. From color reductions to tonal value adjustments – we are experts in all aspects of prepress adaptation.

Customized advice

With our decades of experience, we know exactly what is important in printing and analyze the points where printing problems can occur. To ensure high-quality print products, we advise our customers individually to eliminate even the smallest problems.

Our know-how

Based on our customers’ designs, we identify the best possible cylinder parameters and clarify the issues of the most suitable process, screen and gradation. In close cooperation with the SAUERESSIG color laboratory c.INKTEC, we also have the possibility to mix colors ourselves and analyze the printing behavior.

From A to Z

From artwork to finished repro to delivery of the finished cylinder, our Pack Development team guides our customers’ design through the entire spectrum of the manufacturing process.


The entire product development process includes a standardized visual and metric view of artwork, repro and the final print product. We offer a high level of standardization at every stage of the manufacturing process.

Colors that inspire

By printing the colors before the repro development begins, we know how the printing behavior is, how color wedges run out and how two colors behave when printed together. We then use the knowledge gained to design the repro development in the best possible way.

The barrel proof

Using a barrel proof, we can print the design on classic print cylinders in advance of the commercial production. In this way, we test various repro options under real conditions as they would be reproduced on the commercial printing press. This procedure allows us to create and analyze the real printing result in advance, which can then serve as a print publisher for the final print.

How does it work? We measure the colors and then we can pass this information to the customer with the help of our c.CLOUD. This enables us to distribute color information, make it usable and achieve the desired result faster on the press.

The advantages of a barrel proof

With a barrel proof, the printing specifications of our customers can be tested cost-effectively in terms of printing technology and taking into account the interaction of colour, board and cylinder. In this way, any discrepancies can be identified and corrected in advance and a color master can be produced for conventional printing.

• Problems with a design can be analyzed and corrected in advance
• Different variants and repro options can be tested
• Color changes can be made faster than on a commercial press
• More cost effective than testing on a conventional press
• Option to create color templates for design portfolio printing
• Simulation of realistic conditions

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