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Security solutions : HoloTac® and microstructures

Securely combating counterfeit products.

With the help of our security solutions, your product safety comes first.

We are a reliable partner in the fight against product piracy and help you protect your products from counterfeiting with sophisticated security features. At the same time, we are aware of the increasing danger of well-counterfeited products and use our innovative technologies to give product imitations no chance in the future.

Invisible to the eye, yet an effective solution against product counterfeiting – that’s what our sophisticated security features offer, which are impossible to copy in their exactness. With our proprietary HoloTac ® technology and the use of microstructures, we maximize the security of your packaging – so that your product remains unmistakable in the future.

The problem: counterfeit products

Counterfeit products are a growing problem for companies worldwide. They cause considerable financial damage and can jeopardize the reputation of brands. However, not only companies are affected, but also consumers. Counterfeit products are often of inferior quality and can pose a health hazard. Many companies therefore rely on special packaging and security technologies to ensure the authenticity of their products. However, security is not fully guaranteed by widely used anti-counterfeiting solutions such as holographic stickers.

We offer you innovative solutions to protect your products even better against counterfeiting!

The solution: Security solutions from SAUERESSIG

HoloTac ®

Our protected security technology HoloTac ® is used in packaging manufacturing to incorporate microscopic markings on paper or plastic. These marks can represent different levels of security and are a unique method of preventing counterfeiting.

The HoloTac ® printing cylinder uses special fine screens that enable sharp, high-resolution details of cell shapes to be achieved – accurately and uniquely.

Sicherheitslösungen HoloTac Mikrostrukturen Produktfälschungen


Our microscopic microtexts are small, invisible texts within the actual text, visible only with a magnifying glass. This is made possible by a precise elaboration of the tools, which are able to print micrometers pin sharp.

Sicherheitslösungen HoloTac Mikrostrukturen Produktfälschungen


Invisible to the naked eye: By printing microscopic inimitable lines and structures in your packaging design, your products can be optimally protected against counterfeiting.

Sicherheitslösungen HoloTac Mikrostrukturen Produktfälschungen

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