Designerstellung und Reproaufarbeitung Designerstellung Druckvorstufe Reproerstellung

Design creation and repro preparation in the prepress stage

Unique packaging and accurate print data preparation.

Design creation of packaging and print-technical elaboration of packaging layouts – all under one roof

The elaboration of a distinctive design and the repro production based on it in the prepress stage are elementary components of successful packaging. Thanks to our many years of experience and extensive knowledge in the field of design elaboration, we can help you create appealing packaging that meets the requirements of your target group. Our experts will assist you in conceptualizing and implementing packaging designs to present your products in the best possible way.

To ensure that your elaborated packaging design is presented in true color and the correct proportions, our repro team is dedicated to the prepress of your packaging. Through careful preparation and detailed finishing, your design wishes will be made printable.

Our experts ensure that your packaging stands out from all other packaging in terms of design, colors, materials and feel.

Optimized benefit

Design creation and technical elaboration of your layout in prepress are important steps to maximize your benefits. Through careful elaboration, we design your packaging to meet your needs and desires while being functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Designerstellung und Reproaufarbeitung Designerstellung Druckvorstufe Reproerstellung

Strong brand identity

Thoughtful design creation and repro processing helps strengthen your brand identity and brand recognition. With individually designed packaging, you skillfully set your brand apart from the competition and anchor it in your customers’ memories for the long term.

Komplettanbieter im Druckbereich Verpackungsdesign Tiefdruckwalzenhersteller Full-service provider in the printing sector gravure roller manufacturer packaging design

Reduced costs

Optimizing the design and repro of your packaging not only reduces material consumption, but also makes a significant contribution to cutting manufacturing costs.

Designerstellung und Reproaufarbeitung Designerstellung Druckvorstufe Reproerstellung
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Prototyping - Turning ideas into tangible samples

Together, we develop a customized packaging design that is optimally tailored to your needs and requirements. Based on your templates, we produce packaging prototypes that are as close as possible to the final product.

We offer a wide range of services and products to meet all your packaging needs. These include true-to-scale mock-ups and stunning 3D digital animations, which we create using the latest technologies. We also cut and die-cut your samples quickly and accurately. Our 3D visualization and various proofing systems guarantee the highest quality and accuracy. In addition, we have a dedicated mockup printer and work closely with external printers to provide you with a comprehensive range of services.

Designerstellung und Reproaufarbeitung Designerstellung Druckvorstufe Reproerstellung

Color management

Consistent color presentation is a matter of course for us. As a full-service provider in the printing sector, we ensure that CI colors are reproduced without deviations during design and repro preparation through consistent color management and close cooperation with our in-house color measurement laboratory c.INKTEC – completely independent of the material and printing process.




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