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Innovative printing solutions and services.

From the initial idea to the printed packaging – we are by your side

We know the requirements for printing and finishing packaging down to the smallest detail. As a full-service provider in the printing sector and a renowned gravure roller manufacturer, we help you to turn your packaging into an impressive eye-catcher with our products and services. For this purpose, we accompany you from the development of your packaging design, through all stages of the prepress process, to the production of gravure and embossing cylinders.

Our printing and finishing tools are used in many different industries and meet all the specific requirements of each sector. In addition, we help well-known brand-name companies with international product launches. We are technicians for individual solutions and develop innovative production processes. Our experts provide creative ideas for new packaging designs and optimize the structure of every surface.

Let us convince you of our extensive range of services.

Our product portfolio

Design, artwork creation and reproduction

Creativity well packaged. With experienced designers and reproduction experts, we create a distinctive packaging design for you – always taking into account individual brand guidelines and relevant technical details.

Rotogravure cylinders

Our established, high-quality gravure cylinders offer high resolution and precision in the printing process – for a razor-sharp reproduction of the images and fonts on your packaging.

Light-weight cylinders

It doesn’t get any lighter than this: thanks to a remarkable reduction in weight, our light-weight cylinders offer many transport advantages without compromising on quality.

Embossing cylinders

Our embossing cylinders give your packaging a special feel and look. Precisely crafted embossing enhances the packaging design in the right places and at the same time gives it a noble touch.

Cutting and creasing tools

As one of the world’s leading full-range suppliers of technically high-performance rotary dies for embossing, creasing and cutting cardboard and other web-shaped materials, we offer you a wide range of customized cutting and creasing dies.

Security solutions

We effectively counter product piracy and brand counterfeiting. With our 3D and microprinting technologies, visible and invisible security elements can be integrated into packaging printing. To protect your brand.

Komplettanbieter im Druckbereich Verpackungsdesign Tiefdruckwalzenhersteller Full-service provider in the printing sector gravure roller manufacturer packaging design

No limits for your packaging

With our wide range of production processes, we manufacture the right tool for your packaging printing, bringing your packaging to life. We have no limits when it comes to producing elaborate and appealing printing tools according to individual wishes.

Quality meets efficiency

Distinguished by high durability and longevity, our printing and finishing units guarantee you razor-sharp print and embossing resolutions - even with very high print volumes.

Komplettanbieter im Druckbereich Verpackungsdesign Tiefdruckwalzenhersteller Full-service provider in the printing sector gravure roller manufacturer packaging design

Tailored advice

Process optimization efficient and simple. As a full-service provider in the printing sector, we offer you customized technical advice, individual solution proposals and creative ideas for new designs - goal-oriented and competent.

Our target markets at a glance

As a gravure roller manufacturer with decades of experience, a spirit of innovation and comprehensive technological know-how, we are at home in many different industries and conscientiously implement the specific industry requirements.

Manufacturing industry

Our services, printing tools and finishing solutions meet the specific needs of the manufacturing sector. Through the customized development of printing formes and surface structures, we help you increase your production efficiency – which lowers your production costs and increases your productivity.


Efficient print management is our top priority. Our projects are handled in close cooperation with the printing companies commissioned. With a wide range of automation solutions and extensive know-how in various technologies and processes, we are a competent partner. In this way, we ensure a flawless finish in reproduction and achieve an optimal print result.


Packaging development for private labels is complex and involves various process participants. Handling requires high speed and efficiency. With continuous process transparency and clearly defined responsibilities, our private label specialists ensure continuous brand performance and punctual appearance on the market.

Brand owners

We believe in the power of the brand. As a gravure roller manufacturer, we play a key role in product presentation at retail with our services and printing tools, helping to achieve optimum positioning at the point of sale. The contours of a brand must remain sharply defined at all times so that it stands out from the competition – visually as well. In close cooperation with international branded companies, we ensure perfect and coordinated implementation: minimizing interfaces and ensuring smooth processes is a winning proposition for every branded company.

Tobacco industry

With a special feel, metallic effects or creative looks – renowned manufacturers from the tobacco industry rely on our expertise. In addition to individual designs for cigarette packs, wrapping paper and inserts, our portfolio also includes security elements, coatings or decorative finishing of packaging.

Flexible packing

We offer extensive experience and know-how in the production of printing cylinders and the surface finishing of flexible packaging. In addition to innovative designs and surface structures, our printing tools offer you optimized print quality and color fidelity – for appealing and effective packaging at the point of sale.


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