Tiefdruckwalzen Druckwalzen für den Verpackungsdruck Druckwalzen Rotogravure cylinders Rotogravure rollers

Rotogravure rollers: rotogravure cylinders of the highest quality

Durable rollers for packaging printing.

Rotogravure rollers from SAUERESSIG – high quality and durable.

You have the idea, we help you prepare this idea for printing and deliver gravure rollers that reproduce your packaging design unaltered and down to the smallest detail. At SAUERESSIG, we have been manufacturing printing rollers of the highest quality on a global scale for decades, meeting all the requirements of the printing industry.

Our printing rollers for packaging printing are an excellent choice for you if you are looking for high-quality, robust and durable printing components. With the outstanding quality of our gravure rollers as well as our know-how and flexibility for customized solutions, we meet the growing demands of the packaging market and are your one-stop shop for gravure rollers of any format as a reliable partner.

Tiefdruckwalzen Druckwalzen für den Verpackungsdruck Druckwalzen

Quality has a name

Thanks to the use of high-quality materials and robust workmanship, our printing rollers ensure a long service life and pay off even with very high production volumes.

Strong manufacturing process

Our gravure cylinders go through rigorous manufacturing and quality processes that ensure they meet the highest standards, even under heavy loads.

Tiefdruckwalzen Druckwalzen für den Verpackungsdruck Druckwalzen Rotogravure cylinders Rotogravure rollers

Your design in HD quality

Rotogravure cylinders from SAUERESSIG are characterized by outstanding print quality and are capable of reproducing the finest details and fonts precisely and in HD quality.

Unbeatable in any size

Discover the versatility of our gravure rollers! No matter what dimensions, press types, textures or formats you need - we have the right solution for your requirements.

Tiefdruckwalzen Druckwalzen für den Verpackungsdruck Druckwalzen Rotogravure cylinders Rotogravure rollers

For economical production without compromise.

Printing rollers for packaging printing from SAUERESSIG are not only qualitative and reliable, but also economically advantageous. Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art technologies and high-quality materials, our rollers offer a particularly long service life and can be imaged again and again – which contributes to a significant reduction in production costs.

In addition, our gravure rollers ensure consistent print quality, making them an important factor in increasing your company’s productivity and competitiveness.

For us, the profitability of your production is paramount – see for yourself the benefits of our first-class gravure rollers.

Verpackungsdruck Drucklösung Packaging Rotogravure cylinders Rotogravure rollers

State-of-the-art machine park

Our machinery consists of the latest technologies and includes an impressive range of different manufacturing machines – from laser machines to the largest, fully automated Autocon line for cylinder production in Europe. This variety of machines ensures that we can apply the right manufacturing process for every customer order and serve all market requirements.

Thanks to the breadth of our processes – from electro-mechanical engraving to a wide range of high-precision laser-assisted processes, we can meet a wide variety of substrate, feel and color requirements.

Discover our lightweights

Our lightweight cylinder family - the smart solution for reducing transport costs without sacrificing print quality.

Light-Weight Cylinders

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We manufacture high quality gravure rollers for your packaging!

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