Light-Weight Zylinder Alternative zu herkömmlichen Tiefdruckzylindern

Light-weight cylinder by SAUERESSIG

The light-weight alternative to conventional gravure cylinders.

SAUERESSIG light-weight cylinder – the light alternative to the classic gravure roller.

The gravure rollers made by SAUERESSIG have been a fixture in the packaging printing industry for decades. The robust workmanship of the cylinders ensures a particularly long service life, and yet at the same time this poses an immense challenge when it comes to transporting them from A to B.

Our light-weight cylinders are the perfect answer to the problems of transport and high transport costs. These handy cylinders are a true flyweight compared to their heavy standard siblings and are suitable for both repeated imaging and one-time shipping. Best of all, as a clever alternative to conventional gravure cylinders, our light-weight cylinders deliver top quality in record time and without compromise, wherever you need them.

The advantages at a glance

Weight reduction

Due to the drastically reduced weight compared to a conventional gravure cylinder, the light-weight cylinders are more dynamic in use.

Reduction of transport costs

The costs incurred for cylinder transport can be drastically reduced due to the reduced weight.

Reduction of cylinder costs

Our light-weight cylinders are a more cost-effective alternative to our conventional gravure cylinders.

Simple processing

Forget about cumbersome ordering processes and rely on simple processing of your order.

Faster delivery times

Our lightweights impress with faster delivery times and are thus more flexible in use.

High quality gravure cylinders

We guarantee the high quality from SAUERESSIG.


Light-Weight Zylinder Alternative zu herkömmlichen Tiefdruckzylindern

“Our light-weight cylinder family is the latest generation of high-quality gravure cylinders that are easy to process and minimize transportation costs.” – SAUERESSIG Packaging

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