Research & development

New drive through innovative technology.

Constant progress, no stagnation.

Our many years of experience and expertise are complemented by a variety of pioneering research projects. Together with our customers, this enables us to continuously increase quality and productivity.

With an eye on the trends of tomorrow, our innovations are continuously adapted to the needs of the market. We constantly innovate for you.

Well connected

Our internal R&D department has access to a large network of international industrial partners, research institutes and universities.


With various laboratory and testing facilities and the latest technology, we offer our customers extensive testing programmes and digital experiences.


By using our own laboratory printing machines, we serve complex areas such as printed electronics and microstructures.


We are constantly working to increase the precision of gravure printing. Our new innovations in the field of lasers have received multiple awards.

“The idea of research is firmly established within our philosophy. We develop creative solutions for individual customer requests and new market requirements.”

Dr. Ronny Schlegel
Manager Technical Projects and Innovation

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Dr. Ronny Schlegel Manager Technical Projects and Innovation +49 2564 12 517