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Unique Designs.

Discover our Unique Designs. We give your rooms their own character.

The successful development of new designs for the home and decors sector and the unique sample service are among the most important services of SAUERESSIG Surfaces. With experienced designers and reproduction experts, we support our customers from the initial concept to a market-ready product. Together, we ensure a nature-identical and high-quality end result – both when printing on decorative paper, foil, vinyl and LVT as well as in the direct printing of wood-based materials, panels and technical surfaces.

Our designers and creative carpenters are constantly inspired by regular trend analyses and impressions from fashion, architecture and lifestyle.

Unique Design of the month

The unique design 'Terrazzo Macchiato' is a colourful, speckled stone pattern. Terrazzo - traditional and still very trendy. With its small colorful elements and a size of 700x1300 mm, our 'Terrazzo Macchiato' is a real eye-catcher.

Quantum Oak

Our Unique design 'Quantum Oak' fits perfectly with the Scandinavian style.

Jungle Leaf

The Unique Design "11512 M 01 Jungle Leaf" has a size of 650 mm x 1300 mm and fits perfectly into the urban jungle trend.

Weydon Chevron

A modern city apartment cannot do without a herringbone pattern even today. Our Unique Design 'Weydon Chevron' looks exciting due to the small bars and especially its modern color gives our design a special touch.


The combination of fabric, marble and oak in our reliable Meraluna design offers a perfect balance between natural and industrial elements. Marble adds a modern touch to the overall look. The furniture layout has a size of 130x65cm.

Decors // Furniture decor

Linear Pine

"Linear Pine" is characterized by the natural character of the wood. The clean lines of the pine look elegant and in contrast the dark color gives the furniture layout a rustic effect. It is available in two color variants.

Furniture decors

Polar Oak

With its wild lines, 'Polar Oak' is a very exciting decor and can be perfectly integrated into the Boho furnishing style thanks to the warm, natural character of the wood.

Decors and furniture decors

Weydon Chevron

The design looks exciting due to the small bars and especially its modern color gives our design a special touch.