Boosting Pre-Press Efficiency with AI Image Insights

Saueressig Matches

Saueressig Matches – the AI-based software that puts an end to searching for graphical content.


Brand-Owner and Retailer demands for print consistency and commercial reasons are forcing manufacturers to ensure that image consistency is a top priority and print tool changes are kept to a minimum. But it’s not just commercial reasons, brand recognition also plays a key role for manufacturers. Despite this, key specification decisions in the print and media industry are still made by human experience. Saueressig Matches offers a solution to increase efficiency in the prepress stage of packaging production through AI-based image analysis and to reduce the cost of printing tools to a minimum.

Saueressig Matches is AI-based software that helps optimize the internal print production landscape by comparing and evaluating graphic content and specifications across your entire media library. The software supports graphic workflows and processes in a digital space where automation optimizes various components of your print and media production. With Saueressig Matches, you can quickly, accurately and easily compare and evaluate graphic content for more consistent print results while reducing production costs.

Streamlined workflows for faster market launches

By using Saueressig Matches, your print and media production becomes more efficient while the quality of your printed packaging is improved. The API-first principle enables seamless integration of different systems such as MIS, ERP or DAM, and automated workflow models optimize your entire production process and shorten time-to-market.

The Saueressig Matches platform solution significantly reduces the effort required to create print data. On average, this effort can be reduced to less than a minute by experienced specialists.

Similarity Search

Find similar projects within a fully managed asset library of composite artwork, package renderings, or any visual content – regardless of image format.

Commonality Search

Find common print separations in your image library to ensure print consistency and generate tool optimization.

Image search for packaging

Search for the closest match based on a sample file (PackShot, artwork) and continue the search with a found result based on existing files.

Text search for packaging

Search for text content in different image data without preserving text as live or vector text.

Compare print tool commonality

Search for the best possible match of color separations for the recognition of existing printing tools based on packaging files.

Image search for decore industry

Search for matches based on a pattern file. The search is continued with the result found on the basis of surface design files.

Saueressig Matches Mobile

Find the closest match to a design based on a camera snapshot for a mobile device.

Your requirements - your user story

In the diverse landscape of the print and media industry, Saueressig Matches offers customized solutions that meet the specific requirements of each industry.

Brand owner & retailer
  • Review entire portfolio across all regions for consistency or activity
  • Commercial – know what tools are required by printer/location
  • Extract text from image content
Creatives & content creators
  • Ensures creative independence
  • Check for previous activities
  • Check for similarities and differences
Production agency & printers
  • Color sequence and profiling
  • Print layout
  • Similarities in the tools

"Until now, the Design 2 Print process has been based on experience, technical expertise and a deep understanding of manufacturing specifications. SAUERESSIG Matches fundamentally simplifies this process!"

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