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ingenio laboratory printing machines: color testing devices for a more productive proofing process.

Adding value through efficiency.

Our innovative ingenio laboratory printing machines set new standards for the printing industry.

With the ingenio laboratory machines, SAUERESSIG puts an end to complicated printing processes and focuses on efficiency and simple handling. As a further development of the F.P. 100/300 flexographic proofing press and the C.P. 90/200 gravure proofing press, the ingenio proofing and color testing devices combine to meet the requirements of numerous industries and revolutionize the conventional proofing process.

With the laboratory printing machines, the innovative SAUERESSIG Packaging team, in cooperation with the experienced experts from SAUERESSIG Engineering, sets the starting signal for a more productive press proofing process and puts an end to inconvenient printing workflows. By simulating real printing conditions, such as those on the conventional production press, materials and ink compositions can be proofed in advance and print samples can be created even before they are processed in the final printing process.

By your side

We take care of your new lab presses from A to Z and establish them in your process. Starting with customized consulting, we provide extensive support in the implementation of new processes, machine introduction and take over the regular maintenance of your ingenio.

Customized layouts

Our press proofs use printing tools with various specifications and numerous layouts. We implement your layout requirements on a fully individual basis. Alternatively, we offer you a large selection of existing cylinder layouts.

Always in use

With the help of the ingenio press proof and color testers, wide range of materials such as paper, cardboard or foils can be printed. Whether printing inks, packaging, paints, coatings, substrates, printed electronics, fuel cells or batteries – the list of possible applications is limitless.

Our ingenio laboratory printing and color testing machines - created for your requirements

ingenio flexio 100300

Our pneumatically driven R2R flexo proofing machine is equipped with integrated drying, pressure supply and variable speed settings.

ingenio gravio 90200

The gravure laboratory proofing press is pneumatically driven and incorporates variable speed and contact pressure capability. It is suitable for impression cylinders with a diameter of 90 mm and 200 mm width.

ingenio gravio 9060

The manually operated gravure laboratory proofing machine is specially developed for color determination in gravure printed materials and uses printing cylinders with a diameter of 90 mm and a width of 60 cm.


Layout ingenio gravio 9060

Layout ingenio gravio 90200

Data sheet ingenio flexio 100300 UV

Data sheet ingenio flexio 100300

Data sheet ingenio gravio 9060

Data sheet ingenio gravio 90200

Facilitation through first-class technology

The ingenio laboratory presses adress the complex requirements of different industries. With the development of additional features and easier handling, they enhance the press proofing process and add value by reducing resources required to develop colour specifically for the printing press.

• Time savings of 67% at the production machine due to prior print parameter elaboration.
• Material and ink savings of up to 40% due to ink correction savings on the production press.
• Capacity savings of up to 75% in the color kitchen and on the production press.
• Cost savings thanks to significant time and material savings.

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