cutting and creasing tools

Cutting and creasing tools

The specialist for cutting and creasing your packaging.

Cutting and creasing – All-round solutions for demanding materials.

In the packaging industry, accurate cutting and creasing tools are indispensable components for achieving precise results. While cutting tools trim the customer’s material to the desired size and shape, creasing tools enable clean folding of the packaging. Together, they ensure efficient production. With SAUERESSIG as a reliable manufacturer of cutting and creasing tools and the careful selection of the right tool, you can ensure that the cutting and creasing process of your packaging will run smoothly in the future.

As one of the world’s leading full-range suppliers in the design and manufacture of technically high-performance rotary tools for embossing, creasing and cutting cardboard and other web materials, we offer you extensive options for getting your packaging into shape.


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Production of stripping pins

Cutting tools

The cutting dies for rotary pinch and shear cuts are fully segmented and made of high-quality tool steel. Thus, they ensure highest precision and cutting speed.

Creasing tools

Our creasing tools process complex creasing profiles at maximum speed. Our experts develop optimal folding/cutting solutions for each individual carton design.

Schneid- und Rillwerkzeuge Schchneidwerkzeuge und Rillwerkzeuge cutting and creasing tools
Schneid- und Rillwerkzeuge Schchneidwerkzeuge und Rillwerkzeuge cutting and creasing tools


As a special advantage, we offer the possibility to resharpen your cutting tools in Europe, the United States and China with our latest technology.

Durable and sustainable

Our cutting and creasing tools impress with their exceptional durability and sustainability.

Schneid- und Rillwerkzeuge Schchneidwerkzeuge und Rillwerkzeuge cutting and creasing tools

Cutting and creasing tools by SAUERESSIG

Matched to your materials

It is important that the creasing and cutting tool is precisely matched to the requirements of your packaging. The materials of your packaging to be processed play an important role here. Depending on the packaging material, different components must be used to achieve a clean and precise result.


As flexible as your requirements

Our modern cutting tools and creasing tools are capable of cutting complex shapes and designs while ensuring high production speed. Through the use of CNC technology, the tools are adapted to your specific requirements, thus enabling a high degree of flexibility in production.

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"Our deep understanding of cutting and folding materials, combined with our state-of-the-art equipment, makes us the ideal partner for cutting and creasing tools."

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