Dry film production for batteries and large-scale production of lithium-ion batteries

Our development(s) in the field of energy storage applications: dry film production for batteries and production of flexible bipolar plates

Success Stories made by SAUERESSIG Engineering

SAUERESSIG Engineering – our most important milestones & the success stories that define us.

Discover our developments in engineering with a special focus on machines and components in the field of energy storage – from scalable solutions for the battery industry for which we design and build specialty equipment for the large-scale production of lithium-ion batteries up to efficient systems intended for suppliers of hydrogen fuel cell components, for instance to produce flexible bipolar plates.

As an experienced special machine manufacturer and provider of calender systems we realize individual solutions that are unique worldwide.

The driving force behind our success stories? It’s you. Due to the close cooperation between our engineers on site, our research and development department and your individual requirements, innovative developments can be made – and new milestones be reached.

Together with you, we keep on writing our engineering success stories.

  • With OLBRICH GmbH, further competencies for the growing energy storage market are added to the portfolio – for the production of hydrogen fuel cell components (large-scale production lines for gas diffusion layers, coated catalyst membrane) as well as for battery production (equipment for coating electrodes using wet and dry processes, separator films and battery wrapping lines).
  • Opening of SAUERESSIG Engineering’s new service facility in San Antonio, USA, designed for reconditioning of rollers which are mainly coming to use in specialty equipment for the production of batteries.
  • With Terrella Energy Systems, a supplier of primarily stack ready graphite bipolar plates in small quantities (prototype development), further expertise on the energy and storage market in the field of hydrogen fuel cell systems joins the team, and thus complements existing processes for the production of flexible bipolar plates at SAUERESSIG.
  • Upgrading and expansion of the Competence Center, which functions as a link between lab and large-scale production and offers comprehensive testing facilities, including developments for the battery industry.
competence center // large-scale production of lithium-ion batteries and dry film production for batteries
  • Commissioning of the new assembly hall used by SAUERESSIG Engineering at the Vreden site.
  • SAUERESSIG receives several large plant orders for the dry film production for batteries.
  • In successfully applying the tried and tested dry film process from capacitor production to battery production, SAUERESSIG is taking the next step to position itself as a supplier of specialty equipment for the production of batteries.
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  • First participation of SAUERESSIG Engineering in a public research project on the subject of energy storage (FesKaBat).
  • SAUERESSIG becomes project partner of Kontiflex: Development of a continuous process for the production of flexible bipolar plates by upgrading, developing and using a multi-roller mill to unlock the cost reduction potential of a large-scale manufacturing process.
  • By participating in public research projects, SAUERESSIG Engineering positions itself as a reliable and innovative project partner in the German research landscape – primarily in applications for the energy and storage market.
Bipolar plate
©Christian Spieß, Fraunhofer UMSICHT
  • Introduction of a new product area: Based on the systems for large-scale production, the SAUERESSIG laboratory calender is developed and henceforth comes into use in R&D departments, universities, and institutes.
Laborkalander - Kalandersysteme für die Batterieindustrie // Calender systems for lithium-ion batteries
  • SAUERESSIG develops the world’s first large-scale production line for dry electrodes.
  • Process development with a renowned customer from the battery industry to design a calender line for electrodes.
battery technology
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  • First fuel cell project in cooperation with the Center for Fuel Cell Technology.
  • Planning of the first large-scale production of lithium-ion batteries in Germany by “Evonik Litarion GmbH”.
  • SAUERESSIG receives the order for four calender lines for compacting cathode and anode electrodes with intermittent coating. A prerequisite for awarding the contract is a development for the compression of intermittently coated electrodes.
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  • First large-scale production of lithium-ion batteries in Europe by “European Batteries OY”.
  • SAUERESSIG supplies two calender lines for compressing cathode and anode electrodes, thus establishing the first reference systems on the market for energy storage applications.


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