Digital color communication.

c.CLOUD is the next generation of digital color communication. The cloud-based color database simplifies data transfer to your entire supply chain.

Recipes, color information and printing parameters are available worldwide and can be accessed at any time.



From development to integration as well as data administration and controlling, c.CLOUD enables consistent communication based on CXF color information all in one.

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Any time

With connection to packaging editors, color standards can be integrated in real time in the design process. Suppliers can access predefined color standards and create designs and artworks more efficiently.


Worldwide availability of color standards through the brand supply chain for development and quality control.

For a smarter world.

Digital color standards enable consistent and reproducible print results customized for each product and printing process. Print results can be validated and documented based on colorimetric and densitometric measurements.

Your benefits

• elimination of perceptual differences in color evaluation
• worldwide one color reference to characterize a specific color. No more physical folders with printed samples
• availability of samples or color targets at any time
• evaluation of color standards based on colorimetric and densitometric measurements with defined standards of the printing industry
• worldwide real-time control of suppliers. Output of reports on quality, performance, etc.
• direct use of the digital color standards in the artwork and output as a contract proof

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