Kalandersysteme für Lithium-Ionen Batterien // Battery manufacturing solutions - Calender for battery industry
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Battery manufacturing solutions: Specialty equipment for electrode production for lithium-ion batteries.

Your partner for comprehensive battery production solutions.

Technologies full of innovative power – our battery production solutions.

As a reliable and innovative full-service provider of calendaring, embossing and rotary processing systems in standard and custom designs, SAUERESSIG Engineering offers forward-looking, scalable battery production solutions.
In the field of storage technologies for stationary and mobile end-use applications, we develop advanced specialty equipment – from components to turn-key solutions – for the electrode production for lithium-ion batteries and capacitors. Renowned manufacturers from the battery and automotive industries are already successfully using our technologies.

Our published patents for dry electrodes production and remanufacturing as well as our focus on calender systems for lithium-ion batteries offer solutions for the growing energy storage market that are unique in this form – worldwide.

Kalandersysteme für Lithium-Ionen Batterien // Calender systems for lithium-ion batteries
©Matthews International GmbH


SAUERESSIG calenders for continuous coated electrodes meet the highest quality standards of the battery industry due to a high degree of automation and optional measuring and control equipment.


SAUERESSIG offers patented and turn-key solutions for intermittent coated electrodes. A constant roll gap, even with dynamically changing compaction forces, and optionally expandable inspection systems offer a consistent quality of the electrode.

Produktion von Lithium-Ionen-Batterien // Battery manufacturing solutions: Calender systems for the battery industry, equipment for electrode production for lithium-ion batteries...
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Trockenelektroden // dry electrodes: Calender systems for the battery industry, equipment for electrode production for lithium-ion batteries...
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For the dry electrodes production our multi-roll calenders are used – we offer solutions for the R&D industry as well as for large-scale production. The newly developed dry process technology enables powder processing and lamination of dry electrodes in only one production step.


The flexible vertical and horizontal usability of our laboratory calender allows for compressing, laminating, embossing and the processing of dry electrodes. Functioning as calender for the battery industry, it enables the mapping of relevant scalable laboratory processes in the battery sector.

Full Service

Individual consulting

Our highly qualified experts partner with customers throughout the production process, providing professional technical advice and tailor-made battery manufacturing solutions.

Design & development

The design and development of a machine takes place in close collaboration with our customers. This enables us to respond to individual requirements and ensure maximum system availability.

Installation & commissiong

From pre-assembly and commissioning at our premises, delivery to the customer, to comprehensive maintenance and repair work – we ensure a smooth progress at every stage.

We offer comprehensive support to our customers throughout the entire development process. In-depth preliminary tests of material properties and products can be carried out in SAUERESSIG’s in-house technical center. Project planning is realized using state-of-the-art computer-aided modal and thermal analyses. With the assistance of individual 3D models, the customer can determine how the machine will function under real production conditions even before it is manufactured.

Together with our customers, we set new standards in the realization of their individual projects and deliver precisely tailored battery production solutions.

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