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Experience comfort and luxury.

For decades, we have been producing high-quality embossing designs and tools for decorative films as well as leather and artificial leather surfaces, supplying customers from the furniture, sports and automotive industries as well as well-known manufacturers of the international fashion market. When developing our products, we therefore attach particular importance to meeting the high-quality standards of the industries. We are familiar with the complex processes of our demanding customers and support them with professional services and flexibility.

Product categories

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Design that inspires.

We combine creativity with precision. Down to the finest detail.


We attach great importance to customer proximity. In personal meetings we advise our customers in all process stages, define relevant target markets and identify solutions for individual requirements.

Development & design

In close cooperation with our experts, our customers have the opportunity to develop individual embossing designs for their products.


We use high-resolution 3D scanners to capture material templates in detail in order to revise or reproduce them according to customer requirements.

Technology that drives.

We focus on technical expertise and high quality.

Rollers & steel core production

For decades we have been producing printing and embossing rollers for a wide variety of applications as well as steel cores and sleeves especially designed for rotogravure printing.


Whether 3D scans, surface analysis, depth and gloss measurement or embossing on customer materials – we offer our customers an all-round service.

Embossing tools

For decades we have been developing and producing durable embossing rollers and plates for different surface structures.

Production processes

With various manufacturing processes we meet the highest requirements and offer our customers an extraordinary variety of ultra-modern technologies.

Technical centre

Our in-house technical centre provides the opportunity to produce sample collections on your original materials.

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Impressive hand-made fashion products.

The successful development of new designs and a unique sample service are among our company‘s most important services. With experienced designers, reproduction experts and engravers, we develop innovative designs and support our customers in regularly reinventing themselves within the demanding brand world. In addition to traditional craftsmanship, we use state-of-the-art laser technologies and rely on technical innovation. To us, the material characteristics of your products are just as important as the visual and haptic effects.
We provide our customers with access to the worldwide largest design collection with different embossing designs.


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