Solutions for Nonwovens.

Tool manufacturing of the highest standard.

The requirements for nonwoven fabrics are constantly growing. Designs are becoming more challenging, manufacturing techniques more complex. We are recognized experts in the field of nonwovens and have established ourselves on the international market through the constant advancement of our sleeves and embossing rollers.
Thanks to our own repro competencies, specialized sales teams, latest laser-based engraving methods as well as evolved molettage techniques, we develop high-quality solutions for the production of spunbonded and thermally bonded nonwovens. By using hardened rollers, microporous shells, basic and structure drums, we also create individual material refinements and give your product a special look.

CELENIUM® based sleeve

SAUERESSIG Surfaces offers a new CELENIUM® based sleeve solution that expands testing possibilities for nonwovens

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Sleeves aus CELENIUM®

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Wet wipes
Hook + loop

Design that inspires.

We combine creativity with precision. Down to the finest detail.


In a personal conversation we find solutions for your various requirements and develop new processes, materials or adapted surfaces.

Development & design

The creative implementation of your surface design is made by experienced designers and experts in consideration of all relevant technical details.


Thanks to latest technologies, we reproduce your design templates down to the last detail and according to your product-specific properties.

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Technology that drives.

We focus on technical expertise and high quality.

Rollers & steel core production

For decades we have been producing printing and embossing rollers for a wide variety of applications as well as steel cores and sleeves especially designed for rotogravure printing.

Technical consulting

We provide tailored technical consulting and offer our customers individual solution proposals – goal-oriented and competent.


By means of a UV printer, we simulate the subsequent roller structure for your individual design even before the final manufacturing.

Embossing rollers & sleeves

We produce tailor-made embossing rollers and sleeves with the latest laser technologies and mill engraving . This enables us to precisely reproduce even the smallest structures.

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©Matthews International GmbH
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Modern procedures for a perfect result.

For decades we have been developing rollers and sleeves for nonwoven production. Both in the manufacturing process as well as in the final result, our tailor-made engravings provide the best possible quality: This ensures a clean fabric, clear contours and an excellent embossing. With optimum results in terms of optics, haptics and strengths, we deliver the decisive competitive edge.
We always think one step ahead. Our highly developed laser and etching technology combined with traditional molettage offers unique possibilities in the market.


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