Aufbereitung einer Kalanderwalze

Roller refurbishment – comprehensive services in machining, rework, grinding and polishing

Roller refurbishment in the highest level of precision.

Our refurbishment services result in a perfect roller.

With over 60 years of experience in precision grinding of rotationally symmetrical components you can expect the highest quality in machining, rework, polishing, precision grinding and premium refurbishment services of your rollers.

Calender rollers used for electrode production by battery manufacturers serve as our benchmark. They rely on extremely precise results in position tolerances and finishing to deliver the required performance. With state-of-the-art machinery and in-depth expertise in roller production as well as calendering technologies, we set the standard.

Our North American location in San Antonio, Texas, and the expansion of existing capacities in Germany (Precision Center in Vreden 2024), makes us your partner of choice for roller processing, refurbishment, and repair.


Installation of the first numerically controlled NC grinding machine at our Vreden site.


Commissioning of the first CNC grinding machine to expand our service portfolio.


Installation of the first high-end CNC grinding machine at our site in San Antonio (USA).


Delivery and commissioning of the second high-end CNC grinding machine at the Precision Center in Vreden (Germany).

What you can count on

As an experienced special machine builder, reliable roller manufacturer and proven service provider, we have a wholistic view of rollers.
We have a worldwide network of leading partners in the field of grinding technology.
We provide you with expert advice on all available roller services and take care of the overall project coordination.

Dimensions and weights


Workpiece length up to 5.000 mm

Workpiece diameter up to 750 mm

Workpiece weight up to approx. 10.000 kg

Aufbereitung einer Kalanderwalze


Workpiece length up to 8.500 mm

Workpiece diameter up to 1.200 mm

Workpiece weight up to approx. 15.000 kg


During roller inspections we carefully check for damage and wear and carry out a concentricity check. We then prepare a professional inspection report for you.


We disassemble and assemble bearing units and all other components, while taking care of the professional disposal of liquids (such as thermal oil, emulsions etc.) with subsequent rinsing of the rollers.


We remove a wide variety of coatings such as chrome, ceramics, or tungsten carbide. After recoating, we carry out precision grinding. If necessary, we polish the roller to a mirror finish.


In addition to common coating processes that we offer, including final precision grinding and polishing, we will be happy to advise you on alternative coatings also.

Roller concepts

It may make sense to rethink established processes for your application. We will be happy to advise you on alternative roller concepts.


We take care of the installation and commissioning of the reconditioned rollers on-site. Afterwards, you can count on our comprehensive after sales services.

Your contact person for Europe and North America:

Stefan Hesseling
Senior Sales Manager Rollers

"Precision is not a coincidence, but the result of decades of experience."

We are delighted to assist you. Fast, flexible, reliable.