Construction of rollers and rollers systems by our engineers

Precise construction for perfectly designed roller systems.

Our engineering forms the indispensable basis for high-performance rollers.

As a leading solutions provider for roller systems, we trust in our highly qualified technicians and engineers when it comes to the first step towards high-performance rollers. Our experienced construction department creates stress analyses, tension / pressure and flow simulations. This allows us to identify and optimize critical details in advance. We do not rely on standard solutions – based on our experience in mechanical engineering, we develop appropriate calculation. This expertise is incorporated into the design of the rollers and roller systems.

Thermodynamics is one of our specialty areas. Our rollers are characterized by the best possible temperature accuracy and lowest pressure losses. We do not have standard pitches for the spirals of forced-guided heated rollers and cooling rollers. They are optimally adapted to the corresponding process every single time.

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