Standard rollers / steel cores

Standard rollers and steel cores produced efficiently.

Discover our solutions for standard rollers and steel cores.

Our high manufacturing depth in the areas of mechanical processing, welding, balancing, and stone grinding distinguishes our roller production. Our global network of certified partners as well as an additional production site in Turkey allows for a fast and efficient processing of your orders.

Whether you provide us with a detailed drawing or with the external dimensions that are targeted – together, we will find the right solution for your project.

Excerpt from our manufacturing program

Squeezing rollers

Press rollers

Application rollers

Nonwoven rollers

Laminating rollers

Roll beds rollers

Steel bodies for embossing rollers

Steel bodies for anilox rollers

Impression rollers

Lacquer rollers

Light-Weight Zylinder Alternative zu herkömmlichen Tiefdruckzylindern

Idler rollers

Counter pressure cylinders

Tension rollers

Drive rollers

Guide rollers

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