SAUERESSIG Surfaces offers a new CELENIUM® based sleeve solution that expands testing possibilities for nonwovens

Sleeves aus CELENIUM®

As SAUERESSIG is constantly working on improving processes and expanding its testing possibilities for applications in the fields of tissue and nonwovens, SAUERESSIG Surfaces has put an already tried and tested material – known under the name of CELENIUM® – into an innovative sleeve solution for the nonwovens segment.

CELENIUM® has been used successfully by SAUERESSIG for test runs and in customers’ pilot and production lines for more than 15 years. So far, the material has been coming to use in the tissue segment, and in the field of nonwovens it has already been available in form of CELENIUM® plates. With SAUERESSIG’s new roller sleeves for nonwovens, this is now augmented by a continuous-seamless solution.

Looking at the CELENIUM® applications, the potentially biggest advantage from a customer’s perspective lies in the possibility of combining multiple patterns on just one sleeve or plate, and even to cover various production techniques (like 2D-Plating, 3D-Plating and Laser Etching) all at the same time, which can be completely freely partitioned and are produced exactly according to customers’ demands – cost-efficiently and in a short lead time. Also notable: The CELENIUM® test tools coincide with the final production tools.

Furthermore, the roller sleeves for nonwovens are easily integrated into customers’ pilot lines. The option to combine several designs and production techniques on just one sleeve bears additional benefits, like the reduction of test runs – ideally down to one –, the avoidance of starting and stopping the pilot line for the testing of one design at a time and therefore the omittance of several mounting processes. This way, downstream activities become more cost-effective.

“We are highly pleased that we are now in the position to offer an innovative continuous-seamless process that further expands the testing possibilities for nonwovens and bears the potential to simplify the developing processes for our customers’ products,” states Rüdiger Meyer, Head of Sales Nickel Screens and Drums Hygiene Industry, and adds, “We are looking forward to supporting our customers with comprehensive advice on their individual projects.”

Fitting on every standard diameter (515 mm) of the OEM lines and with a possible sleeve width up to 1000 mm, the CELENIUM® sleeves are applicable conveniently on a wide range of pilot and production lines, and perfectly complement SAUERESSIG Surfaces’ portfolio in the nonwovens segment.


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