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What we do

Efficient and innovative all-round solutions.

All-round solutions for brands and printers.

From pre-press to tooling and printing support – we offer a comprehensive service to our customers worldwide. In doing so, we focus on excellent service and the highest quality. Our level of vertical manufacturing is unique, with in-house body sleeve production and laser engraving at two locations in Germany.

Full service

Artwork & reproduction

We give packaging a personality and create designs from layout to to print ready files. Our reproduction experts reliably collate our customers’ print data in order to achieve the best result when going to press.

HD elastomer sleeves

The elastomer sleeves we manufacture are not only extremely durable but are also suitable for high resolution printing up to 70 Ipcm thanks to cutting-edge laser technology. Thanks to the highest quality standards for the elastomer coating and the use of substructures, our flexographic printing sleeves are designed for the highest printing speeds. Elastomer sleeves are a financially viable alternative to traditional polymer plates due to their durability, and ability to cope with high printing speeds. They also require no mounting work.
Thanks to our versatile production methods we can manufacture sleeves in any size – from small laboratory sleeves to XXL sleeves up to 3,500 mm bale width and 1,500 mm print circumference.

Discover more about SAUERESSIG’s innovative elastomer printing sleeves:

– Endless, seamless HD printing sleeves with up to 200 lpi resolution
– Use of various synthetic materials to ensure perfect color transfer to your substrate (EDPM, SBR, NBR)
– Dot gain reduced thanks to undercut laser engraving
– Very high printing speeds achievable
– Vibration-free printing by 3D engraving and substructures
– Perfect duplication possible through the use of a fibre laser
– Environmentally friendly thanks to water-based cleaning and recyclable material

Printed electronics

We integrate printed electronics into a wide range of applications. Constant innovations in printed electronics produce first-class, cutting-edge results. Our customers can take advantage of the most precise laser engraving available with line thicknesses down to 30 µ and printing sleeves designed for durability.

Flexo elastomer plates

The demand for SAUERESSIG elastomer plates is growing steadily. They are not only resistant to solvents but are also ideal for HD quality colour sets.

The advantages of SAUERESSIG printing plates:

– Resolution up to 5,080 dpi – HD quality (screen up to 70 lpcm)
– Undercut for even more subtle highlights
– Combines lines and screens in one printing plate
– Excellent service life and color transfer
– Resistant to any kind of solvent and lacquers
– 3D laser engraving for the intricate details
– Perfect duplication possible through the use of a fibre laser
– Extremely high durability thanks to tear resistance during disassembly
– Environmentally friendly: Water-based cleaning and recyclable mixtures

Technical laser engraving

We conduct technical laser engraving according to your individual standards, regardless of the material used. Our laser systems are designed to handle even the most demanding tasks, such as 3D laser engraving or deep engraving up to 10 mm.

Photopolymer plates

Our range includes photopolymer plates from all the leading manufacturers. With technology exclusively developed by us, we are constantly developing flexo HD plates to offer increased printing features to our customers. The plates are available in various thicknesses from 1.14 mm to 2.84 mm.

Coating plates for offset printing

With innovative SAUERESSIG Screening coating plates, our clients can create tangible emotional reactions to their products through haptic coating effects. We produce this technology as screening or standard Gold A polymer plates as well as elastomer plates.

Why use our elastomer plates for offset printing?

– A stable polyester carrier which does not stretch during fixing nor kink during handling.
– Dimensionally stable and capable of long runs due to polyester support and the elastomer surface.
– Highest quality

Full Service

Individual consulting

Efficient and easy process optimization. We deliver bespoke technical advice and creative ideas for individual designs. We can therefore provide targeted, professional solutions for each customer.

Design, artwork & reproduction

With experienced designers and reproduction specialists, we create distinctive designs for our customers in the range of flexible packaging, hygiene, pharmaceuticals, security, tissue, wrapping paper and printed electronics – always taking into account individual brand guidelines and relevant technical details.

Color Management

For us, consistent presentation is a given. Through rigorous color management, we ensure corporate colors are reproduced precisely – no matter which material or printing process is used.


Take a close look at your packaging. Our high-quality equipment allows us to cut and punch samples and create true-to-scale mock-ups as well as digital 3D animations.

Brand Protection

We discourage product piracy and counterfeiting. With our 3D and micro-printing technologies, visible and invisible security elements can be integrated into printed packaging to ensure outstanding brand protection.

Printing plates & embossing dies

Our technology puts the finishing touch on your packaging. We produce printing plates and embossing dies in all dimensions, for all press types and formats. In the range of packaging printing, hygiene and pharmaceuticals, we can therefore meet the most demanding requirements in terms of substrate, color conversion and surface haptic.

Tailor-made solutions

Challenge us! Our team of experts develop bespoke product solutions for the most exacting problems – from technical laser engraving, 3D and embossing applications to optimised materials and microstructures on your Substrate.

Elastomers’ laboratory

The SAUERESSIG Elastomers’ laboratory develops solutions for your printing process. In-house laboratory equipment is used to carry out tests to calibrate, for example, anilox rollers, printing material and laser engraving.

Contact person

Ferat Sarac Director Elastomer Business and Innovations EMEA ELASTOMERS +49 2564 12 692

Mario Uschok Sales Director Elastomers ELASTOMERS +49 2564 12 769

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