Offsetlackplatten // Offset coating plates

Offset coating plates

The solution for special coating effects in offset printing.

Form-stable and highly productive offset coating plates for special coating effects in offset printing.

Sometimes a special finish is needed for your print products in offset printing. Our dimensionally stable and durable coating plates enable lacquer effects that give optical and tactile stand out on the printed materials. We can help you make packaging, products, and brand appearances more visible in this way – and therefore stand out effectively from the competition.

We offer this technology as screen- or standard-Gold-A-polymer plates, as well as elastomer offset coating plates, all of which feature outstanding durability, dimensional stability and coating transfer.

Your benefits

With a dimensionally stable metal or polyester carrier in combination with their elastomer surface, our plates prove to be highly productive and easy to handle – completely without awkward stretching or buckling during the set-up process.

Offsetlackplatten und Offsetdruck // Offset coating plates

The offset coating plates are resistant to all types of solvents and coatings, feature excellent coating transfer and can impress with their enormous durability.

Achieve high print runs and brilliant results in offset printing – by our 3D laser engraving for finest elements and the functional microstructures developed by SAUERESSIG for tactile effects.

Offsetdruck // Offset coating plates

Technical specifications

• Printing press: Sheetfed offset (all manufacturers)
• Substrates: paper, cardboard, tinplate
• Varnishes: dispersion and UV varnish
• Plate thickness: 1.15 mm and 1.35 mm (also available with aluminium backing)
• 3D profiling for stable printing elements
• Optional undercutting of lighter areas for halftone applications