HD Elastomer sleeves

We take flexographic printing to the max.


HD Elastomer sleeves

From small lab-sleeves to XXL-sleeves and everything in between.

HD elastomer sleeves for high-resolution printing and maximum printing speed

As an experienced manufacturer of elastomer sleeves, our flexographic printing plates are not only extremely durable, but also approved for high-resolution printing up to 80 Ipcm using the continuous-seamless process thanks to the latest laser technology.

Our range of production processes allows us to manufacture sleeves of any size – starting from a small sleeve for laboratory uses, up to XXL-Sleeves with 3.500 mm face width and 1.500 mm print circumference.

Due to their durability and ability to handle high printing speeds, elastomer sleeves are clearly a cost-effective alternative to polymer plates. Another advantage: this process does not require any time-consuming assembly work.


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Our elastomer sleeves are designed for the highest printing speeds, using different substructures. This varies in relation to the substrate used to achieve the best possible printing result.

Brilliant color depth

Our elastomer sleeves fulfil the highest demands in terms of print results and color depth. By using high-precision laser processes in the production of our flexographic printing forms, we achieve HD quality with a rasterization of up to 80 lines/cm.

Hydrophobic surfaces

Compared to conventional elastomer materials, hydrophobic surfaces provide excellent ink transfer density. This innovation allows you to use fine anilox rollers, which significantly reduces their ink consumption – a clear alternative to polymer plates.

Hydrophobe Oberflächen
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Functional microstructure

The solid-area microstructures created based on fiber laser technology enable our HD elastomer sleeves to transfer more ink than standard – for an improved, uniform and brilliant print image.

Offsetlackplatten und Offsetdruck // Offset coating plates

Your benefits

• Sleeves in HD quality by special laser (screening up to 80 lines/cm)
• HD endless-seamless printing form up to 200 lpi resolution
• Also available as Elastomer ITR Classic and Thin Printing Sleeves
• Use of different materials for optimum ink transfer to your substrate (EPDM, SBR, NBR)
• Vibration-free printing through 3D laser engraving of the printing form and use of substructures
• Reduction of dot gain through undercut laser engraving
• One hundred percent repeatability using a fiber laser
• Fewer tolerances using an extruder in the production of the raw sleeves
• Resistant to all types of solvents and varnishes