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Energy transition is of crucial importance.

While there are multiple causes of global warming, carbon dioxide emissions, resulting largely from use and combustion of fossil fuels, have significantly increased concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. This increased concentration of gases is considered to be a leading cause of climate change and global warming, impacting food production, human health and ecosystems.

The transition from the use of fossil fuels to a sustainable energy supply using renewable energies has become a global priority. Finding ways to safely and securely supply clean energy while remaining economically competitive is driving market opportunities for sustainable technologies.

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As a leading and innovative full-service supplier of calender, embossing, and rotary processing systems in standard and custom designs, SAUERESSIG Engineering has decades of experience in the energy and storage market. Our Energy Solutions include both the development and optimization of manufacturing processes for hydrogen fuel cell components, as well as advanced specialty equipment for the production of lithium-ion batteries and capacitors for stationary and mobile end-use applications. We realize individual solutions for renowned automotive and battery manufacturers – primarily used in electric and hydrogen vehicles.

With many years of experience and specialization, we are the right partner for efficient and innovative complete solutions within the energy industry.

Our product portfolio

Fuel cell solutions

We are experienced in developing and optimizing the manufacturing processes for fuel cell components, including graphite and metal bipolar plates, catalyst coated membrane and gas diffusion layers.

Battery manufacturing solutions

We are a leading supplier of advanced testing and converting equipment used to produce lithium-ion batteries – primarily for EV and energy storage applications.