CELENIUM® Sleeves – Expanded testing possibilities for nonwovens. 3 Questions to: Rüdiger Meyer.

Sleeves aus CELENIUM®

3 Questions to: Rüdiger Meyer, Head of Sales Nickel Screens and Drums Hygiene Industry, SAUERESSIG Surfaces, about “CELENIUM® Sleeves – Expanded testing possibilities for nonwovens”

What are the advantages of CELENIUM® compared to conventional surfaces such as aluminum or steel?

Typically, waterjet hydroentanglement systems rely on nickel sleeves. The process uses a wide bath of up to 6000 mm. This is perfectly designed for production sleeves. For test runs, however, this wastes a large part. In addition, several patterns on the nickel sleeve influence each other in the manufacturing process, which means that one is prioritized in the values. The others turn out less accurate. The CELENIUM® is produced in shorter widths and several patterns can be structured independently of each other using different techniques. It therefore converts the disadvantages of nickel production into advantages in the test series.

Do the CELENIUM® plates still have advantages over the innovative sleeve in specific areas? When should one resort to the sleeves?

The CELENIUM® plates can be used for flatbed tests. They are also suitable for systems outside the industry standard diameter of 515 mm. Because they are extremely flexible, they can be used on diameters ranging from 389 mm to 909 mm, for instance. This ensures that testing can be carried out on any existing equipment in the world. The sleeves are designed for the standard diameter of 515 mm. There they allow for endless seamless testing.

Is the process (more) energy-efficient / resource-saving?

Compared to the nickel sleeve production, the CELENIUM® sleeve is much more energy-efficient during its production stage. Production is also much faster and therefore conserves resources. Long-term tests have not yet been carried out with the CELENIUM® sleeves in sufficient numbers to make a reliable statement. This should be done over the course of this year.


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