SAUERESSIG Surfaces: Technological leader and trendsetter for surface design and finishing

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As one of only a few suppliers worldwide, SAUERESSIG Surfaces provides turn-key solutions for the market requirements of the complex surfaces market, with focus on the field of surface design and finishing. We would like to take the opportunity to show you how comprehensive the services are and which possibilities the global player for surface technology offers to its customers throughout the entire process – from design and product development, through cylinder production and electroplating processes, to engraving and quality management.

Design diversity and design competence is a top priority at SAUERESSIG Surfaces. In the industry’s largest artwork and design studio, located in Mönchengladbach, Germany, more than 30 experienced employees oversee the respective projects – from the initial idea to the visualization. The creative team with strong affinity for the market ensures that several hundred innovative designs are developed and offered every year. Due to its dedicated claim to not merely run after the trends, but to set them itself, and due to the high degree of pre-development, SAUERESSIG is often the first point of contact in the industry.

“We want to be a technology leader and trendsetter in terms of surface designs. Both with our lead times and in terms of quality, we aim not only to meet market requirements, but also to exceed them”, summarizes Steffen Völker, Managing Director Surfaces at SAUERESSIG Group.

The focus is just as much on the technical properties of the products as on their visual and haptic effect. As a complete full-stage manufacturer and engraver of rollers including engineering, the inhouse-production of rollers as well as all peripheral processes such as copper and chrome plating, for decades SAUERESSIG has been producing printing and embossing rollers for a wide range of applications, in addition to steel cores and sleeves especially designed for rotogravure printing. Based at the company’s Mönchengladbach site, all common engraving methods are served – worldwide.

Thanks to the gravure printing center, in which all steps – from reproduction to the optimal implementation of the engraving – are optimally positioned for the future, SAUERESSIG Surfaces is a leading provider in the decorative engraving of gravure cylinders and embossing rollers. Continuing investments in state-of-the-art gravure and laser technologies as well as the most modern technologies in the fields of scanning and printing, both 2D and 3D prototyping, ensure the ideal technological foundation. However, not only that contributes to the success: The most modern e-engraving center in Europe is led by a young and dedicated team, and the company attaches great importance to sound training opportunities so that decisive knowledge of artwork and engraving techniques is passed on to the next generation.

In addition to the variety in processes, also the requirements placed on the final products by customers are becoming more diverse, observes Robert Djapjas, Director Design at SAUERESSIG Surfaces – in terms of an extraordinary look, but also with regard to functional surfaces with additional technical functions such as “Easy to Clean”, with soft-touch effect, finger-print resistance or hydrophobic properties. “In order to build an authentic, haptic surface that the customer can also produce under realistic conditions, we develop multilayer structures consisting of, for instance, a main structure and a microstructure which furthermore are showing different gloss levels,” he describes the process leading to the development.

Outstanding design competence, profound technical expertise, customized consulting, continuous innovation and the latest technologies – this is the tool of the trade SAUERESSIG Surfaces uses to respond to complex market requirements with targeted, professional solutions, from the initial idea to the final printing and embossing tool.


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