SAUERESSIG joins upcell – European Battery Manufacturing Alliance

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Contributing to building a strong European battery manufacturing ecosystem. SAUERESSIG joins upcell – European Battery Manufacturing Alliance

Based on the commitment to effectively drive the transition to clean energy solutions and sustainable technologies, SAUERESSIG, as an innovative provider of advanced specialty equipment for battery manufacturing, has joined upcell – European Battery Manufacturing Alliance, in order to make a decisive contribution to the creation of a unique European battery manufacturing ecosystem.

upcell Alliance was officially launched in Paris, France, in October 2022, as a nonprofit association that maps and promotes the entire battery manufacturing value chain and connects industrial, institutional, and academic stakeholders of the European battery development and production in a one-stop networking platform. In collaborating effectively in the field of advanced technology solutions and intelligent work-flows, in research projects and networking activities, the more than 70 actors of the alliance aim for the European Union’s Green Deal in which the future of e-mobility and clean energy storage solutions take a key role, while at the same time raising awareness of the exiguity of a strong European battery manufacturing value chain in the public perception.

SAUERESSIG brings to this network its profound experience in the energy and storage market. Together with OLBRICH (based in Bocholt, Germany), also part of Matthews Engineering, the company is specialized in advanced specialty equipment for various manufacturing processes for batteries and capacitors for mobile (e.g. electric vehicles) and stationary end-use applications, with a focus on calender systems. The capabilities from design, engineering, fabrication, and install & commissioning span across both wet and dry electrode production lines. The innovative technology for producing Dry Battery Electrodes which allows for powder-to-film and lamination onto a current collector in only one production step is also part of SAUERESSIG’s unique technology offering. In addition, the merged portfolio includes lines for roll-to-roll primer coating of electrodes, separator films and battery wrapping lines.

SAUERESSIG, as part of Matthews Engineering, relies on close cooperation with customers and partners throughout the entire development process – in order to provide tailormade solutions, to drive technology and to ultimately scale up the European battery production.

“We are convinced that we need to be extremely efficient to strengthen the capabilities in the battery sector in order to reach the necessary climate targets – that’s why we are dedicated to empowering the pioneers of tomorrow through the development and delivery of cutting-edge machinery and equipment,” states Brandon Babe, Senior Vice President and Global Commercial Head, Energy, and adds, “Effectively supporting the transformation to a sustainable energy supply and establishing a strong battery manufacturing value chain will take a joint effort, for which a.o. upcell – European Battery Manufacturing Alliance provides an indispensable networking platform.”


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