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Matthews International

Matthews International unites different companies and brands and operates the three business areas: brand solutions, memorialization and industrial technologies.

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SGK is a world leader in the development, activation and deployment of new products and brands. By creating, establishing and protecting brands, the company helps its customers achieve higher brand performance.
SGK drives brand performance worldwide through Brandimage, Anthem, IDL, Schawk, Saueressig, SAUERESSIG UNGRICHT and Frost.

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With over 65 years of experience, SAUERESSIG is a recognised expert for high-quality gravure printing solutions, special rollers and custom machine construction. From 13 production sites worldwide, SAUERESSIG supports its customer base of brand owners, printers and converters with innovative solutions along the entire pre-press stage. In addition, SAUERESSIG serves its customers with comprehensive design services in the areas of artwork, reproduction and colour management.


Under the common umbrella brand of SAUERESSIG UNGRICHT, Matthews International Corporation brought together Saueressig GmbH & Co. KG, UNGRICHT GMBH + CO KG, WETZEL GmbH, Saueressig Design Studio GmbH and DORNBUSCH ENGRAVING GMBH in June 2018 and has therefore united a wide range of competencies from all areas of surface finishing.


Headquartered in Burlington, North Carolina, FROST Converting Systems, Inc. is one of the world’s leading full-service suppliers in the design and manufacture of high-performance technical rotary tools for embossing, stamping and cutting cardboard and other web materials. Founded in 2004 as a supplier of rotary tools for carton converters in North America, FROST has been expanding the portfolio of Matthews International Corporation since November 2018.

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