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Since decades, the SAUERESSIG Group creates surfaces that look expressive. In cooperation with experts of the printing industry from Siegwerk, Vrijdag Premium Printing and Iggesund Paperboard we realize an innovative packaging project. “The challenge was to create a packaging that shows the range of extraordinary effects and refinements on its surface. In addition the effects should be suitable for a range of printing processes”, Stephan Lammers, Global Manager SAUERESSIG Packaging, mentions.

With the common goal of creating emotional products for strong reactions, the result of the project has become an expressive cube. Using for example specific arrangements of patterns and special pigments, stunning visual and haptic effects are created. Whether it’s Soft or Sand Touch, UV Tactile or Drip Off, or a combination of refinements, every side attracts attention and interest.


Ahh, feel the softness!

Soft-touch coatings give surfaces a velvety feel. Their softness is associated with a smooth and pleasant feeling on the skin when touched. That’s why they are often used for cosmetics packaging that support product recognition by touch. By intensifying the printing colors, they are also an eye-catching effect for surface refinements of luxury, tobacco or beverage packaging.


Ohh, feels like holiday!

Sand-touch coatings give surfaces a sandy and coarse structure. A feeling of sand under your fingers can bring back relaxed holiday memories. By imitating sand-touch feeling on packaging, consumers experience a multisensory effect that attracts attention and interest. The effect is suitable for surface designs on packaging for natural or organic products, ecological drugstore articles, sleeves for cosmetics or others.


WOW, touch this!

Surprising eye-catching effect due to different surface structures on one package. The use of tactile fine lines, for example, is a common design element in tobacco packaging. Using a specific arrangement of patterns, a stunning visual effect can be created. Thereby, UV systems are the best choice as they do not certain solvents and are not diluted.


Splash, that’s wet!

Drip off lacquers create a “wet look” on packaging. It seems like little drops of water drip off the packaging and create a sense of freshness and naturalness. The attractive drop-like structure provides an interesting way to enhance the appearance of the packaging and surprises the consumer at the PoS.


Flash, that’s shiny!

Gloss varnishes provide both the opportunity to imitate metallic surfaces and to refine designs. The attractive shine give the packaging a luxury perception and high-quality appearance to increase the product recognition at the PoS. Gloss effects are often used for cosmetic products, beverage labels, chocolate and snack or seasonal packaging such as for Christmas.


Dazzle, like a mirror!

This high brilliant, mirror-like metallic effect is an important design element of high-value packaging. By combining an UV-primer, a premium-silver or –gold ink and an OVP the costs are lower while the brilliance is as high as with typically used metallized substrates or hot foil stamping. The mirror effect is often used for luxury goods, high-quality cosmetic products as well as sweets and chocolate packaging or beverage labels.

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Let’s create the unexpected.