SAUERESSIG’s innovative ingenio laboratory printing machines are conquering the printing industry

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As a renowned manufacturer of gravure and flexographic printing plates, as well as an established (special) machine builder for the processing of web-shaped materials, SAUERESSIG is all set for innovative strength and forward-looking technologies.

A groundbreaking addition to the product portfolio is the c.INKTEC Innovation Centre – a space for creative ideas and product innovations. The qualified team at c.INKTEC tests visionary concepts and supports customers in the development of new colour standards. In addition, the innovation centre offers individual testing possibilities for the optimal development of new products and ideas and is the cradle of the ingenio laboratory printing machines, which were specially designed for precise colour development.

In March, SAUERESSIG launched the ingenio flexio and ingenio gravio, a new edition of the F.P. 100/300 and C.P. 90/60 laboratory printing machines already established on the market. Thanks to the close cooperation between the internal business units, the company’s own mechanical engineering department and the c.INKTEC innovation centre, SAUERESSIG’s ingenio laboratory presses offer an impressive and comprehensive printing press solution for extensive testing of inks and materials in advance under real printing conditions. With an extensive selection of cylinder sets, different specifications and layouts as well as a variety of substrates such as paper, cardboard and foil, the c.INKTEC Innovation Centre offers an outstanding basis for excellent colour finishing using the ingenio laboratory printing machines.


Efficient printing process thanks to the ingenio family

Until now, the process of colour control has required a significant investment of resources – time, materials and energy. To ensure colour accuracy in packaging, physical samples are created, extensive preparations are made on the presses, test prints are made and personal on-site print approvals are carried out. With the help of SAUERESSIG’s colour experts and the use of the ingenio laboratory presses, this process is now streamlined in a resource-saving and effective manner.
The ingenio family is characterised by efficiency and ease of handling, resulting in a more productive proofing process and eliminating cumbersome printing sequences. By simulating real printing conditions and pre-printing the ink on original material, the presses enable an extensive test situation before the planned production. This offers high flexibility and control over the final appearance of the printed product and conserves resources.

In a study, the colour technicians of c.INKTEC have already extensively tested the advantages of the innovative process in cooperation with the printing specialist ppg > flexofilm GmbH. The results were consistently positive: 67% of the time and effort required for colour separations and corrections prior to production could be saved. At the same time there was a considerable reduction in resources in the print shop. The time required for press adjustment was reduced by 75% because manual intervention in the printing process was minimised. Material costs for press set-up were also reduced by 40%. The targeted ink presetting under realistic printing conditions and the exchange of colour information in the design data also improved the accuracy of the Epson proof and enabled the customer’s colour target to be achieved more accurately.

Hans Weber, owner of Weber Tintcontrol GmbH, is also convinced of the advantages of the ingenio lab presses: “The SAUERESSIG lab presses make it possible to take colour development processes to a whole new level. With this press it is possible to produce colour samples very quickly, which correspond to the expected results on the production press. So you have predictability and can take appropriate action in advance.”

SAUERESSIG attaches high priority to taking realistic printing conditions into account in order to create achievable colour targets and promises to continue offering innovative solutions to deliver excellent printing and colour results in the future. Customers will not only be assisted in the selection of cylinder specifications and the creation of individual layouts, but will also benefit from comprehensive advice, support in the implementation of new processes, machine introduction and regular maintenance of their own ingenio lab press.

The versatile capabilities of the ingenio laboratory printing machines, the extensive testing under realistic conditions and the close cooperation with end customers and printers make SAUERESSIG a pioneer in colour finishing and printing components.