Matthews International’s SAUERESSIG Engineering Business Announces Opening of Energy Storage Solutions Operation in San Antonio, TX

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San Antonio, TX / Vreden, Germany, 20.07.2022 – Matthews International Corporation (NASDAQ GSM: MATW) announced today the opening of a new, state-of-the-art service facility in San Antonio, Texas. With this facility, SAUERESSIG expands the production capacities of its Engineering division in North America and drives forward the extension of its innovative energy storage solutions business. With the production site in San Antonio, the Company further expands its capabilities in the refurbishment of calender rolls for battery production and the supply of spare parts and its comprehensive service offerings.

Seventy years ago, SAUERESSIG started with the production of gravure cylinders for the packaging and printing industry. Today, SAUERESSIG has diversified its product portfolio emerging as a leading development partner and innovator for the rapidly growing renewable energy and storage market. In offering the development and optimization of manufacturing processes for hydrogen fuel cell components, and in developing advanced, highly specialized equipment for the production of lithium-ion batteries and capacitors for stationary and mobile end-use applications, renowned automotive and battery manufacturers rely on SAUERESSIG’s offerings.

“We are very excited about the opening of our San Antonio facility, designed for reconditioning of rollers used in the production of lithium-ion batteries , in our advanced calenders, and other roller applications demanding extreme quality,” commented Joe Bartolacci, President and Chief Executive Officer. “Our patented technologies have the potential to reduce the cost of production and accelerate mass market adoption of batteries and fuel cells for a variety of end-use markets, including the electric vehicle market.”

The new facility in San Antonio offers the possibility to work on large-scale rollers up to a unit weight of 10t, and creates excellent surface qualities and highly detailed forms in steel as well as in ceramic and metal coatings. With cutting-edge technology and an experienced team of technicians, SAUERESSIG is well positioned for the future and can be counted as one of only a few existing premier suppliers for high-quality calender roll refurbishing services based in North America. Thanks to the successfully implemented technology developed by SAUERESSIG Engineering, new standards have been set in the field of electric energy solutions as well as in electric mobility.

“With our newly opened facility in San Antonio, Matthews International is well-positioned for the demands of the growing clean energy market, thus making a decisive contribution to the energy transition and the domestic Gigafactory buildout,” Brandon Babe, Senior Director, SAUERESSIG Engineering and Global Commercial Head for Hydrogen Fuel Cells, emphasizes the significance of the Company’s investment at the North American site.

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During the building’s recommissioning, the facility has been refurbished, new production machines were built in our Vreden facility and shipped, and the production processes, installed. Alwin Goering, Global Commercial Head of Rollers, Refurbishment and Service, recounts the work effort, “The greatest accomplishment in the facility’s opening was the transfer of specialized know-how. This type of installation has never been done before. The processes are complex and highly innovative and required exceptionally high levels of collaboration among our global teams. Despite great distance and time-zone challenges, our team was committed to its success.”


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Matthews International Corporation is a global provider of industrial technologies, memorialization products and brand solutions. The Industrial Technologies segment designs, manufactures, services and distributes high-tech custom energy storage, marking, coding and industrial automation technologies and solutions. The Memorialization segment is a leading provider of memorialization products, including memorials, caskets and cremation and incineration equipment, primarily to cemetery and funeral home customers that help families move from grief to remembrance. The SGK Brand Solutions segment is a leading provider of packaging solutions and brand experiences, helping companies simplify their marketing, amplify their brands and provide value. The Company has approximately 11,000 employees in more than 26 countries on six continents that are committed to delivering the highest quality products and services.


SAUERESSIG Engineering – Energy Solutions

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As a leading and innovative full-service supplier of calender, embossing, and rotary processing systems in standard and custom designs, SAUERESSIG Engineering has decades of experience in the energy and storage market. Our energy solutions include both the development and optimization of manufacturing processes for hydrogen fuel cell components, as well as advanced specialty equipment for the production of lithium-ion batteries and capacitors for stationary and mobile end-use applications. In the in-house Competence Center, preliminary tests can be carried out with original material and customers can discover how the production machine works under real conditions even before production.

With a focus on rotary manufacturing processes for the energy and storage industry, SAUERESSIG Engineering has patented solutions that are unique in this form – worldwide.

For more information please visit: SAUERESSIG Energy Solutions


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