Donation for a good cause

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©Matthews International GmbH
©Matthews International GmbH

Markus Funke, social worker at Jugendwerk Vreden e.V., was very pleased to receive a donation check in the amount of 500 euros.

At the Vreden recruiting fair “Aufwind”, which took place in September this year, visitors had the opportunity to play the pinball machines at the SAUERESSIG booth and donate 50 cents per game to the Jugendwerk Vreden.  The donation will be used for the canoe and playmobile project – with these projects, the Jugendwerk Vreden provides canoes and a playmobile with more than 30 outdoor play opportunities to all Vreden clubs and associations involved in youth work, as well as youth groups, church congregations and also private groups.

The donation was handed over with great pleasure by the works council chairmen Alfons Niehues and his deputy Jörg Völkering, as well as by Alexander Ressler, who provided the pinball machines.