cLynx 4.0 – digital. accurate. efficient.

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©Matthews International

Three years ago, SAUERESSIG achieved a real breakthrough in digital print image inspection with the specially developed control system cLynx.print. Thanks to continuous development of the software, two further applications followed: cLynx.cylinder allows a digital surface inspection already during cylinder production; cLynx.prepress compares electronic customer data with the final repro file in an automated testing process. SAUERESSIG has thus succeeded in establishing a complete closed-loop system from incoming customer data and final reproduction to the production of gravure cylinders. In the meantime, the product family includes a fourth module, cLynx.embossing, which is used in the production of embossing dies.

cLynx has become an important part of quality assurance from prepress to final print form production and offers scope for further advanced development in this complex sector. “cLynx.cylinder has now been developed to such an extent that, in addition to error detection, we are also able to measure the cell geometry in chrome to an accuracy of one micrometer – so in the delivery state of the cylinder. This makes us a pioneer in the international market,” explains Stephan Lammers, Global Director Packaging at SAUERESSIG. In addition, although the process chain is strongly geared to the packaging and tobacco sectors, a large proportion of the applications can also be used for other markets and have already proven their value there: “Further developing our cLynx-technologies to this direction is certainly something we are aiming for in the future”, says Lammers.

With cLynx, SAUERESSIG offers its customers a certified quality control which is made exclusively on a digital level. The resulting advantages are many and varied: In addition to a comprehensive conservation of resources, incoming inspections and handling costs can be reduced to a minimum at customers’ side. “We are also able to significantly enhance our internal production workflow. In this way, we ensure the quality for our customers in each of our process steps – comprehensively, quickly and above all digitally,” says Lammers. At the Vreden site, cLynx is already fully integrated into production. For the coming months a rollout at further international SAUERESSIG locations is planned.