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What we do

Optical, haptical and functional rollers.

All our rollers are manufactured in-house – in best quality and highest precision.

Our products are used in applications ranging from standard to the sophisticated finishing of web materials.

With various manufacturing processes we ensure the perfect result. Depending on customer-specific requirements, our rollers are heat-treated, turned, grinded, polished, textured or coated. In addition, we are a certified and approved manufacturer of temperature-controlled heating and cooling rollers. Thus we can meet even the highest demands and achieve a perfect end result.

Product portfolio

Rollers / Standard

We manufacture specified rollers quickly and efficiently. In accordance to our customers’ specific requirements, we always use production methods tailored to their needs. A worldwide network of certified partners, as well as further production sites in Poland and Turkey, enable short lead times and a fast and efficient processing of your orders.

Our standard segment includes:

. standard heating and cooling rollers
. mandrels for flexographic printing
. steel cores for gravure printing
. steel cores for various embossing applications
. standard converting rollers
. your customised standard rollers

Rollers / Premium

Our demanding premium segment offers solutions for bend compensation, hydraulic expansion technology, temperature control and calendering. In addition, we are constantly looking for new requirements from the converting industry. From the first consultation, through the engineering to the manufacture of the roll including a final inspection, all steps are subject to the qualified experts in our company.

Our premium segment includes:

. chill roll rollers
. smoothing rollers
. heating and cooling rollers
. calender rollers
. applicator rollers
. custom converting rollers according to your requirements

Contract manufacturing

As a contract manufacturer, we manufacture products on your behalf to the highest standards. With decades of experience and outstanding manufacturing expertise, we cover all mechanical process techniques. On request, detailed documentation of an order can be produced using specially-prepared measurement reports.

We have particular skills in both stone grinding and finishing. Here, we can provide the flexibility needed and produce all the usual surface profiles – up to freely-defined bespoke curves.

Roller cleaning & inspection

Tempered rollers are used in many applications in the converting industry. However, when material deposits such as limescale, oil, dirt, etc. reduce performance, quality suffers and could even stop production.
We are always thinking one step ahead for our customers. By using a specially-developed process, we offer professional support in cleaning tempered rollers and ensure your system is as efficient as possible.

Full Service


With qualified experts we advise our customers in all process stages: Thinking together, acting goal-oriented and setting new standards with our services.

Research & development

Our internal R&D department has many years of experience and unique expertise. This enables us to continuously optimize existing products and develop new ones.

Technical centre

Our in-house technical centre provides the opportunity to test products and material properties under realistic conditions – even before the final production.


Our internal engineering department produces strength test results as well as stress and flow simulations. Thus we guarantee the highest possible quality of your products – down to the smallest detail.


We have a pronounced manufacturing competence and cover the complete range of mechanical machining. A special feature is our competence in precision grinding and finish processing.


On-site analyses, detailed roll inspections and repairs are part of our everyday services.


Our customers benefit from:

∙ professionalism in all process stages
∙ extremely short response times
∙ optimized information flow
∙ comprehensive documentation
∙ professional project management

Contact person

We are here to help you!

Stefan Hesseling Senior Sales Manager Rollers +49 2564 12 617