Cutting & Creasing

Specialist in cutting & creasing tools.

Cutting & Creasing

Highest precision and cutting speeds.

Cutting & Creasing

Solutions for bespoke carton designs.

Comprehensive packaging solutions made from sophisticated materials.

Headquartered in Burlington, North Carolina, FROST Converting Systems Inc. is one of the world’s leading full-service suppliers in the design and manufacture of high-performance technical rotary tools for embossing, creasing and cutting cardboard and other web materials.
Building on an extensive knowledge base and years of experience, FROST’s experts develop unique carton designs and cardboard packaging for the packaging industry. FROST appears as SAUERESSIG Packaging on the market with immediate effect.


Our cutting dies for both, crush-out and shear-cuts are fully segmented and made of high-quality tool steel. We therefore ensure the highest precision and cutting speed.


Our tools handle the most complex groove creasing profiles at maximum speed. Our experts develop optimal crease solutions for every individual carton design.


We produce both 2D and 3D embossing dies for small diameter tools and narrow label presses as well as large format dies for paperboard presses.

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