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Brand Center

Professional Brand Management.

Brand Center

Modular services and targeted processes.

We accompany brands and private labels on their journey to the store shelf.

The Brand Center in Vreden is a specialist for brands, private label producers and retailers. Our astute and market-savvy team of experts serves, supports and strengthens brands and private labels throughout the entire graphic chain – when required, from the initial idea to the shelf.
Our modular concept offers our customers the ability to call on individual services or be accompanied along the entire production chain. With clear processes, defined responsibilities and minimal transfer stages, we ensure smooth and co-ordinated customer-facing focus with enormous savings potential.

We combine creativity with expertise and innovation.

We rely on bright minds and technical expertise. With a comprehensive range of services, we minimize the risks along the packaging value chain and avoid duplicate processes. In addition to graphic requirements such as agency support, artwork creation, central print data management for all printing processes or color management, we also take responsibility for checking brand and style guide compliance as well as providing advice on technical details for print production. Through a specially-developed web portal, all contract data can be checked online. In this way, we ensure everyone – our customers and ourselves – has a comprehensive overview at all times.

Cost control

Through efficient workflows and the use of innovative techniques, we reduce costs throughout the entire graphic supply chain.

Process optimization

We support our customers in the development of streamlines and production processes. Thereby we help to optimize procedures and shorten lead times.

Brand Performance

We keep an eye on the brand and its appearance. With care and control, we maximize brand value at all points of contact with the consumer.

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„The contours of each brand must always be sharply defined in order to stand out on the highly-competitive store shelf."

Dennis Feldhaar
Manager Business Processes - Brand Solutions