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Hydrogen Fuel Cells

High volume manufacturing partner for hydrogen fuel cells

SAUERESSIG is a reliable and innovative full-service provider of calendaring, embossing and rotary processing systems in standard and custom designs. Together with Terrella Energy Systems, a supplier of primarily stack ready bipolar plates, we leverage our inventive spirit and our technological expertise to accelerate the mass market adoption of hydrogen fuel cells.

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Fuel cell component development

We are experienced in developing and optimizing the manufacturing processes for fuel cell components, including graphite and metal bipolar plates, catalyst coated membrane and gas diffusion layers.

Rotary embossing & cutting cylinders

We offer specialized know-how for the design and manufacture of rotary forming and cutting tools used to manufacture components within the fuel cell stack.

Purpose built assembly & production lines

We are specialists in the design and manufacture of prototyping, pilot and production lines for components and stack assembly. For plates, we offer comprehensive process expertise – including embossing, resin impregnation, curing, bonding and sealing.

Bipolar plates

Bipolar plates are key components in a fuel cell system. SAUERESSIG Group is in a position to offer the rotary forming process, making the production of bipolar plates suitable for mass production lines.

Catalyst coated membrane

The catalyst membrane represents the heart of the fuel cell. With extensive know-how in the development and production of catalyst coated membranes, we act as a skilled expert at your side.

Gas diffusion layer

Gas diffusion layers are key components in fuel cell applications. We provide manufacturing solutions for custom GDL requirements and sizes, as well as the appropriate rotary tools for prototypes or production.

Automated in-line assembly

The automation of the processes is in the foreground and offers the basis for high volume manufacturing of fuel cell stacks. We support you in bringing the fuel cell to the mass market.

Our integrated service solutions

• Individual consulting
• Research & development
• Competence center
• Production equipment
• Installation & commissioning
• After sales services

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