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Dry Battery Electrodes: Specialty equipment for the production of dry electrodes – from lab scale over pilot lines to mass production scale.

Move beyond the conventional – our proven solution for dry battery electrodes.

Special machinery building for the highest demands of the battery industry – discover the advantages of DBE.

As an experienced and reliable supplier for specialty equipment for the battery industry with a focus on calendaring, we offer various solutions tailored to the demands of our customers. One solution that particularly stands out is our dry process for the production of battery electrodes.

We developed various patented solutions for DBE production machines over the last 10 years of development and commercialization. Our in-depth process knowledge of the dry process makes us the ideal partner for large-scale production of dry battery electrodes as well as for the research and development industry – from the engineering through the manufacturing process to the final commissioning.

Dry process – at a glance

As one of the greatest advantages compared to the wet coating process, the dry process eliminates the conventional drying phase.

Instead of using a slurry containing solvents which must be evaporated again by means of a high energy input, in the innovative dry process a mixture of powder and a polymeric binder forms the basis material to be fed into the calender gap – forming a fine freestanding film.

In the integrated lamination process, the film is directly transferred to the current collector foil by our multi-roll-calenders with maximum accuracy.

DBE in mass production scale

Our multi-roll calenders are perfectly designed to produce dry electrodes as they allow for powder processing and lamination in only one production step. We offer custom-made equipment in mass production scale – enabling fast, efficient production.

Advantages of dry battery electrodes

- Largely refraining from liquid process chemistry results in a simpler process that is also more environmentally sustainable.
- Various thicknesses of the electrode can be produced, making both thinner and thicker electrodes possible.
- Thus, higher energy densities can be achieved – crucial for faster charging as well as more efficient discharging of the battery.
- Dry processed electrode materials can be adapted widely, making them effective for a variety of applications.
- Capital and operating expenses are reduced significantly, up to 86%, by eliminating the drying and solvent recovery steps.
- The footprint of the required factory size per kilowatt hour of storage capacity becomes up to 80% smaller.
- Our process for the production of dry electrodes reduces raw material costs (anode and cathode material) and shortens the throughput time compared to the wet coating process.

The indispensable basis for your innovations

Are you looking for a laboratory device for your R&D which can map relevant scalable laboratory processes in the battery field? Our laboratory calender GK 300 L can be configured easily to run tests for dry electrodes production.

Laboratory calender

Laborkalander // Laboratory calender
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