What we do

Ready to reverse the traditional?

What we do

What happens when we develop solutions from the future?

SAUERESSIG e.GEN combines intelligent systems and services under one common umbrella brand. Our solutions are designed to help customers and partners adapt to the latest and upcoming technologies, enabling continued growth. By working in an emergent collective, we take innovations to the next level.

The product portfolio embraces a collection of color and software solutions. The services include automated software solutions, innovative learning systems and novel color communication modules via virtual reality. c.INKTEC, as a test and research laboratory, offers a creative space to discover digital value creation through integrated color cloud solutions, a training academy and 1st level support.

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Color Solutions

Do you know how many colors there are in the world? We don’t know either, but we do know how to find yours and make your brand color distinctive. We define color targets, communicate it digitally and adapt it to specific printing processes.

Our product portfolio


Our Innovation Center offers a wide range of laboratory and testing facilities to guide you through the development of new color standards, prototypes or embossing and refinement patterns.


Our innovative color cloud solution is a web-based service which helps communicate color digitally and ensure brand consistency throughout the entire supply chain.

Software Solutions

We believe that digitization turns technology into emergent solutions. Our flexible and intelligent software services are tailored to your needs and processes for the packaging, printing and converting industries. We redefine digital experience.

Product portfolio


Based on current market requirements, customer-specific brand guidelines and product-relevant content, our software solution creates intelligent templates for the automatic creation of standardized artworks.


Our virtual reality solution takes digital color and design communication of packaging and decorative surfaces to a new dimension. Experience the design and prepress stage virtually – true to color and down to the smallest detail.


Give your packaging or surface a digital identity. The Digimarc code is seamlessly integrated into the artwork and offers unimagined opportunities for corporate processes and customer engagement.

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Ready to reverse the traditional?

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