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We create prospects.

We recognize talent.

From apprentices to managers: We give our employees responsibility and attach particular importance to competence – both personal and professional.

We offer prospects.

We enable our employees to expand their individual knowledge, to contribute using their particular strengths and to develop personally.

We think globally.

With locations across the globe, we offer our employees the opportunity to work internationally.

Core capabilities

During the application process, we attach importance to these core and leadership capabilities:

Acting with courage and integrity

We expect our employees to act with honesty and determination, taking responsibility and protecting integrity.

Communicating effectively

The ability of our potential employees to communicate actively and transparently is welcomed. This includes a trusting and respectful use of information, as well as an open and sensitive exchange with colleagues and those from other cultures.

Showing a sense of responsibility

As an employee, you will fit in with our company ethos if you are ready to take the initiative, make decisions and act decisively.

Promoting co-operation through trust

The company wants to actively build strong working relationships and collaborative solutions within the organisation. Our employees should be willing to undertake self-reflection, use critical feedback as an opportunity for personal development, and not focus on their ego.

Reacting flexibly

We value structured handling of complex situations, adaptability and the ability to prioritise tasks.

Focusing on service

You will feel at home in our company if you are customer focused: You proactively embrace customer or client needs and problems, offer solutions and build strong relationships with customers. Pursuing your goals in accordance with SQDV (Safety, Quality, Delivery, Value) is particularly welcome.

Building a lean culture

As an employee in our company, you should embody and support the development of a lean culture.

Adding value through continuous improvement

We value employees who question norms, improve working practices and look for ways to increase efficiency, with the aim of creating added value for the company.

Adding value through continuous innovation

The ability to create innovative approaches, new models and perspectives that will promote the company’s growth are welcome.

Using expertise

As a future employee, you bring relevant expertise and share your skills within the team.

Leadership capabilities

Defining a vision and goals

As a leader, you encourage the team to communicate openly, work together toward their goals, and set the future strategic direction.

Promoting results

We want you to take responsibility, to track the performance of your team and to empower it. You will fit in well with our company if you can delegate responsibility and manage resources efficiently.

Building talent

We particularly value the ability of future employees to both identify and promote learning opportunities and build talent. Constructive feedback, the empowerment of others, and the recognition of innovation and creativity all play their part.

Coordinating strategic direction

To be a successful leader in our organisation, you align your plans and resources to strategic corporate goals and values. We are looking for someone with entrepreneurial spirit who will support opportunity and innovation.

Building a lean culture

You are a good fit for our company if you demonstrate the leadership needed to build a lean culture, thereby becoming a valuable asset.